My name is Erin... I'm that quirky girl you'll often find browsing the local library, hitting up the antique shops, wearing vintage clothing (or at least an inspired piece), crafting, singing, dancing, or onstage acting. I'm very creative, and I'm all about creativity and individuality. I'm fascinated by foreign cultures, I watch a LOT of foreign films and TV as well as listen to a bunch of foreign music. I'm not sure how often I'll be posting on here, but I'll try to keep what little I do post as entertaining as I possibly can. ^*_*^ (Do prepare yourself for imminent fangirling; I'm all over the KPop scene). I'm very friendly, so click "Preach It!" to strike up a conversation. ^^ *CURRENTLY ON AN EXTENDED HIATUS UNTIL MID-2014, due to personal reasons and obligations*
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